Gift wrapping paper selection ideas for newbies

Gift wrapping is an art and a hobby. One of the simplest but most difficult tasks in a gift box is choosing the right specialty paper for the gift box. Here are some factors we can consider when deciding which wrapping paper to buy.

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This is the main criterion. Decide on the colors you want, and then select the wrapping paper model. Colors can be contrasting (black and white) or complementary.

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If you are looking for structured wrapping paper, you can get it from recycled materials such as wallpaper or leftover packaging bags. Textures can look three-dimensional or be just textures printed on a smooth, flat sheet of paper. Textured wrapping paper can be an ideal choice for round containers such as cans, cylinders or bottles.

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In patterns, it can be dots, shapes, tile objects, etc. As such, it is usually multicolored and has all sorts of images or repeating patterns. Examples are diagonal stripes, snowflakes, leaves, flowers and cones, etc. Combining them with colors can add visual interest, a touch of elegance and excitement to a gift box.


This is related to the length and width of the paper. Of course, it makes sense to consider the size of your gift first before deciding on the dimensions of the gift box.


The thickness of the wrapping paper may be a necessary factor in the packaging. Obviously, this can be a challenge when using a pleated package that requires overlapping folds around the gift.


This type of special wrapping paper is often used in wine bottles or bottles. Traditional paper cannot effectively wrap an entire gift without causing unwanted ugly interruptions.

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As with photo processing, wrapping paper with a matte or glossy finish may be present. For special occasions, such as Christmas or a celebration, glossy or reflective wrapping paper can often be used as a gift, as it emphasizes the holiday atmosphere and adds excitement and anticipation to the celebration.

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